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Don Schlosser, Artistic Director
Holling Smith-Borne, Accompanist
Derrick Rohl, Associate Accompanist


Major Minors youth chorus and
poetry from Southern Word


Saturday, April 28, 2018

7:30 PM

Vanderbilt Langford Auditorium





Soloist: Don Schlosser


This Is Me

arr. Huff

Soloist: Jenny Piper


A Change in My Life

arr. Altman, adapted by Raugh & Sharon

“A Change In My Life” is a gift of an anonymous donor.


True Colors

arr. Brown


World Premiere:

I Am Me All the Time

Music by Don Schlosser

  1. It’s Easy
    Constance Bynum
  2. I Will Learn You
    Leslie Garcia
  3. Crossing the Border
    Gray Bulla
  4. And I Have Left that Island
    Debria Tyler
  5. A Glory All Our Own

“I Am Me All The Time” is a gift of Joy Strange...
...to the poets of Southern Word, who are changing lives by sharing theirs.
...to Don Schlosser, who magnificently captured the essence of their message with his music.
...to every untapped poet out there from whom we have yet to hear.  


The Defining Moment


Major Minors


If You’re Out There

arr. Brymer

Major Minors

“If You're Out There” is a gift of Brian Koho to the freshman class of 2009.


She Sings


Major Minors


No Day But Today

arr. Brymer

Major Minors

“No Day But Today” is a gift of Cindy Mezera for my wife, Danielle. Thank you for your love, your friendship and for sharing your beautiful, adventurous spirit with me. I love you.


Better Together

arr. Snyder

Major Minors


You Will Be Found

arr. Huff

Soloists: Carly Smith, Grace Wegener

“You Will Be Found” is a gift of JC and Becky Yates. To our kids, kids-in-law, and grandkids - we will always find you and take you home. You are loved.

“You Will Be Found” is a gift of Erin Harris. This song is dedicated to three phenomenal women: Kat, Chelsea, and Aly. Your strength and courage prove nothing is impossible. I am so honored to call you my sisters. Love, Your Big Sis.




Gone, Gone, Gone

arr. Sharon & Raugh

Tenors and Basses 


Audience Sing-along

  • Fight Song
  • Roar
  • Brave
  • Firework

Scars to Your Beautiful

arr. Huff

Soloist: Amber Stanton


Bird Set Free

arr. Schlosser

“Bird Set Free” is a gift of Allen Nichols. To anyone who has ever been held down by a painful past, this song is for you. It doesn’t matter if you sing off-key, find your voice and fight back loud.

“Bird Set Free” is a gift of JT Collins and Kim Ewell in loving memory of “Mama Dot” Pearigan.

“Bird Set Free” is a gift of Joy Strange with deep gratitude for how music gives us both a literal and metaphorical voice as we sing liberating and empowering lyrics which allow us to sing for love and to find ourselves in our melodies.  



arr. Beck

Sopranos and Altos


Here’s Where I Stand

arr. Gilpin

Soloist: Paige Pennigar

“Here's Where I Stand” is a gift of Jessica Riviere for Sten, who I can count on to stand with me and what I believe in.


Why We Sing

arr. Gilpin

Soloist: Nolan Budgewater II

“Why We Sing” is a gift of AJ Busé and Stephen Nelson in memory of Jordan Cline Nelson, and in honor of Jackson Woods Busé, Jonathan Payne Busé, and Joshua Lee Nelson.


“I’ve Got the Music In Me” is a gift of Cathy Barker. I dedicate this song to all of my brothers and sisters in Nashville in Harmony... because we all have the music in us and it feels so much better when we share it together.


Nashville in Harmony



Catherine Apthorp
Cathy Barker
Carissa Cascio
Kim Ewell
Cassie Grubb
Heather Jones
Tonya Mills
Kate Pantelides
Paige Pennigar
Jenny Piper
Manny Sandow
Micki Schumacher
Charlie Steiger
Beth Thorneycroft
Jennifer Wright


Colleen Carson
JT Collins
Amanda Elend
Linda Hardy
Hannah Harrison
Brittany Jordan
Kim Skopljak Lovell
Lynne McCalla
Amanda Pace
Kara Richardson
Judy Scoville
Mary Simpkins
Ashleigh Smith
Marla Thalheimer
Grace Wegener
Paula Yelverton



Katie Alexander
Gee Easterly
Bev Elend
Carla Engle
Patricia Gerbic
Yvonne Glass
Erin Harris
Jackie Hauser
Katie Haydon
Jenny Lewis
Bridget Meadows
Claire Miley
Emily Mount
Julie Reliford
Carly Smith
Nancy Stott


Janet Berkeley
Laura F. Boggan
Bev Clendenen
Leann Crawley
Sherri Gentry
Alexa Hulsey
Jana McMillen
Cindy Mezera
Linda Ray Miller
Gail Moses
Nicole Pasquarello
Amber Stanton
Joy Strange
Sara Sutton
Janet Tucker
Laura Valentine
Becky Yates



Bob Allen
Don Bailey
Brandon Brown
Nolan Budgewater
Mary Dennis
Rose Mary Drake
Judy Kibler
Kerry McCalla
Molly Miller
Dyson E. Schaible
Emelie Sciarpelletti


Tom Amirante
Robbie Bryan
Brian Carlson
Derrick Dishner
Alexander Evans
Jonathan Hodge
Dwight James
Joe Lopez
Lynn Putnam
Michael Reding
Stan Schklar
Fred Schumacher
Steve Sipe
Steven Talbott
Jasper Tollett



Don Brown
Marc Buehler
Spencer Cooke
Shae Crowell
Charles Faber
Stephen Henry
Josh Kelly
Korey Kemper
Brian Koho
Jeremy Lemons
Allen Nichols
Derrick Rohl
Martin Topping


Andy Diehl
Mark Alan Fuqua
Wendell Henry
Marc Johnson
Michael Jumonville
Jiro Kusunose
Sean Laflin
Ray Register
David Thacker
Gary White
JC Yates


Major Minors

the fearless Phoenix Broussard
the magnificent Mason Brown
the glorious Grace Cleveland
the marvelous Max Crowell
the amazing Amelia May
the heavenly Hanna Ruyters
the astounding Asher Solano
the magical Mae Wallace
the extraordinary Evy Ward
the legendary Lilli Ward

Southern Word

Gray Bulla
Constance Bynum
Leslie Garcia
Debria Tyler



Liz Ficalora, Drums

Luke Easterling, Bass

ASL Interpreters

Forest Sponseller

Rebecca Collins




Individual Donors

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Mead

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Andrew & Brittany Jordan

Andy Diehl

Angela Leftwich

Ann Betty

Ann Eubank

Annell St. Charles

April Broussard

Ashley Job

Barb Turner

Barbara Hutchison

Beth Joslin Roth

Beth Thorneycroft

Betsy Pry

Bev Clendenen

Brandon Brown & Brandon Cathey

Brian Carlson

Brice Thomas

Bridget & Tony Meadows

Calvin & Molly Miller

Carissa Cascio

Carla Engle

Carly Smith

Carrie Friddell

Catherine Apthorp

Catherine Sanford & Kevin Duffy

Cathy Barker

Cecelia Caldwell

Chad Youker

Charles Owen

Chelsea Fourakre

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Cindy Matheny

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Cully Chapman

Danielle & Cindy Mezera

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Derrick Dishner & Lynn Putnam

Derrick Rohl

Don Bailey

Don Schlosser & Brian Koho

Donald Smith

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Dustin Grant

Eileen Wollam

Elizabeth Smith

Emily Mitchell

Eric & Laurie Tyson

Erin Richardson

Fred & Micki Schumacher

Gail Moses

Gary White

George Wallace Jr

Greg Howard & Steve Sipe

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Janet Berkeley

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Jeff Bailey

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Jennifer Piper & Dietz Osborne

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