The Major Minors (our youth chorus) is a group for young people, ages 14-18, to be themselves without apology. Its mission is to use music to build community and create social change. The chorus is a safe, welcoming, and accessible place for all youth that celebrates the joy, diversity, strength, and pride of today’s young people. Members of the Major Minors find their own voice and unique identity within a welcoming community.

Join us to...

  • Sing!
  • Meet other LGBTQIA+ youth
  • Build Community
  • Use Music to Create Social Change

Additional Information


Program dates and Times

Fall Rehearsals
(7-8:30pm at Glendale Baptist Church)
Dates TBD

Fall Concert Tech Rehearsals
(location TBD)
Dates TBD

Fall Performances*
12/4 (with Nashville in Harmony)
*Major Minors solo concert date TBD

Family Commitment

Participating youth are expected to:

  • Participate fully in rehearsals
  • Memorize and perform music on stage
  • Adhere to the behavior expectations
  • Have fun!

Participating parents are expected to:

  • Return all completed and signed participation forms
  • Make all transportation arrangements for participants
  • Hold youth accountable for following behavior expectations
  • Ensure youth are attending rehearsals (parents are welcomed and encouraged to stay for rehearsals)

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